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We are a small studio located in the heart of the Delhi. where we practice and enjoy yoga classes. Whether you are an experienced yoga student or you have never practiced before, we offer the appropriate class for you. Feel free to contact us for anything you want, learn more about us,We have also put together a complete asanas library that can serve as a reference for your yoga lessons.

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We are the premium diabetes specialist in Delhi, you can get in touch with us for your holistic treatment through Yoga.

Control your blood pressure with Yoga.

Through yoga, you can easily manage your weight without having to worry about any side effects

There are a lot of Yoga asanas that you can do to control your levels of stress

You can improve digestive disorder through Yoga.

Yoga and Exercises in Pregnancy

Yoga is surely the best way to increase body strength.

Control Your Mind by Yoga

oga will surely help you get rid of the pain and help you build a healthy body

Meditation by Yoga

Yoga to people dealing with sleep related issues and having problems in sleeping.


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  • I am only in my early 20’s and have been plagued with horrible chronic back pain for several years. Not only have I undergone back surgery, but I have recently developed arthritis in my spine. My back pain has hindered every aspect of my life. I tried yoga out of desperation for pain relief. My very first yoga experience was at The Yog Club. To my amazement, after just one class I left pain free!
    Ravi Rawat Yoga Student
  • I started at The Yog Club  at the end of May.  Having never done yoga a day in my life, I was honestly terrified that I would walk in and get looks from all of the "real yogis" silently saying "who is this Boy who clearly doesn't know what he is doing."  I have been so surprised throughout the last few weeks at how welcoming the staff has been and how much I have learned.
    Amit Rathi Yoga Student
  • I can't tell you how daunting it was to me the first time I came to catch up with Yog Club. I'm not a flexible person that is very good at turning my mind off - just to say the least. I've discovered the many misconceptions that I've had about yoga just by stepping into the front door!
    Avinash Bahukhadi Yoga Student

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